Transport Facility

The school has a fleet of buses available to take the children to and fro. The school buses will ply according to route chart. Parents will have to opt for the bus facility at the time of the admission/opening of the school. Transportation charges must also be paid in instalments along with the school fee.
A. It will be responsibility of the parent(s) to bring and take their ward from the nearest pick-up-point.
B. Transport fee must be deposited along with school fee.
C. Once opted for transport, there is no option for leaving. The fees of the entire session will be taken(12 months).
D. Any damage done to the transport by the student will be borne by the parents.
E. Route, location, telephone number of parent(s) guardian should be duly filled in the application for transport.
The school provides transport facilities to all those who seek for it, subject to the rules laid by the institution. The transport facility is available for regions in and around Ayodhya region.

Bus Routes
Goshainganj, Kumihya Road, Rampur Puwari Manjha, Mahboobganj Road
Nawabganj, Sohawal, Rani Bazar, Khajurahat
Faizabad Route (Local)