The school has a well-furnished library and reading room. A wide range of books for various age groups along with Encyclopedia, reference books, journals, News Papers and Periodicals will be made available for reading and use. The library contains nearly 5000 books of various subjects which are used by both students and teachers. Apart from it, the institution gets monthly periodicals and magazines to enhance the knowledge of teachers and students.

Library Rules

A. Students of the school are members of the library.
B. Discipline in the library must be maintained at all cost.
C. Only one book can be borrowed at a time.
D. Books can be issued and returned only in the library period of the concerned class.
E. Books should be properly looked after and returned on its due date.
F. If a book is lost or destroyed the cost of the book with fine will be recovered from the student.
G. Students are allowed to borrow books for a period of 10 days. No dues certificate is to be obtained from the librarian while leaving the school.