School has well equipped and well-furnished labs of Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Here the students test the laws of natural sciences.
In order to promote scientific temper amongst juniors the school has a composite lab where activities related to Basic sciences are performed.

Biology Lab
Chemistry Lab
Physics Lab
Computer Lab

The school has two computer labs one for seniors and the other for juniors. In addition to that students are encouraged to learn the machine languages.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics is completely man made as such it is based on axiom, lemmas etc. However the conjecture here is how mathematics can be related to other spheres of human activities be it scientific, economic or social.

Laboratory Rules

The school has well equipped laboratories to carry out experimental work in various sciences.
The following rules are to be followed in the laboratories:
1- Equipment for use in laboratories will be issued to students as per rules laid down by the science teachers.
2- No equipment is to be taken out of the laboratories without a written permission.
3- In case of any damage, during practical lessons, expenses for the repair of the equipment will be borne by the student.
4- Any item issued from the laboratories must be returned before the Annual Examination and a no dues certificate obtained from the Science teachers should be submitted to the Class teacher to allow the students to appear in their Annual Examination.