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Avadh International School

Avadh International School is part of Shambhu Narain Hari Narain Foundation which was established with a purpose to provide quality education to children of this area. The school has a vast pastoral six acre expanse and is located in a serene and pollution free environment. The Avadh International School is a brain child of Mr. Atul Kumar Singh who felt the need of good institution for catering the needs of modern generation learners in the region of Ayodhya and nearby districts.The idea of institution also inculcating the needs of first generation learners of this region was finalized on 8th April 2003. The school was affiliated to CBSE Delhi on 1st April 2006, upgraded to class XII in 2007 for Science and Commerce streams. In the year 2019 the Humanities stream too was introduced. The school is equipped with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Maths Labs. The school has well stocked library as well as indoor and outdoor games facilities. Subjects offered for classes XI-XII are English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics Practices, Physical And Health Education, Biology, Accounts, Economics, Business Studies, History, Political Science, Geography, Legal Studies, Sociology, Painting, Vocal Music And Hindi Elective for the session 2020-21 onwards.

Mission & Vision

One self is one’s own path finder. This maxim is as old as our civilization. Our vision is related to our motto i.e. each child should be source of luminance. A student of our school must be a humane citizen transcending all the barriers of caste, creed, race, region, religion etc.
“Be your own light” is our motto which is in complete agreement with the definition of education, etymologically speaking education is derived from Latin word “E-duco”, which means bringing out self. We at Avadh International School believe that education in all its different forms and channels has its ultimate purpose in the evolving of a luminous sphere of human mind from the nebula that has been rushing around ages to find itself an eternal centre of unity. “Our institution represents an ideal of brotherhood, where people of different nations, cultures and languages can come together, for we believe in the spiritual unity of humans. “To bear the cost of the instrument and never to know that it is for the music is the tragedy of life’s deafness”. -Rabindra Nath Tagore .