Academic Year

The academic year starts from 1st April to 31st March.

School Timing

Summer Timing: 8:00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
Winter Timing: 9:00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

House System

The faculty members and students are divided into four houses in order to inspire the students to achieve higher goals. Thus, qualities of healthy leadership, participation, competition, cooperation, mutual understanding, self reliance and discipline in students.
The colours of four houses are:
Ganga - Green
Yamuna - Yellow
Narmada - Blue
Kaveri - Red

Registration And Admission Prodedure

Admission will be made on the basis of age, physical and mental development. Admission to a suitable group will be provided after pre admission interview and test in main subjects.
1- Prospectus and registration forms for admission to the school may be obtained from the school office on all working days, provided vacancy exists in the respective class.
2- The admission form should be duly filled and submitted with the required documents/enclosures and certificates as mentioned in the form latest by 7 days from the admission.
3- There is no test for admission in class Nursery.
4- Registered applicants will be called for an entrance test/interview for various classes.
5- Admission is granted strictly on the basis of written test and the interview for classes LKG and above.
6- Fee has to be deposited within three days of selection, failing which the seat will be allotted to the next candidate in the waiting list.
7- The decision of the Principal in matters of admission and placement shall be final.
Note: Children seeking admission in Nursery and LKG should have attained the age of 3 and 4 years respectively as on first April of the year.

Accessibility To The Principal

In order to discuss individual problem or any other problem of child or any suggestion for betterment of school the parents can have a meeting with the principal with prior appointment after school hours on any working day.

Rules Regarding Fees Remittance

1- Fee will be remitted on quarterly basis i.e. three months.
a) First quarter April to June (in April).
b) Second quarter July to September (in July).
c) Third quarter October to December (in October).
d) Fourth quarter January to March (in January).

2- Fees should be deposited in cash/cheque between 1st to 15th April, July, October and January failing which the fees (with fine) can be deposited on 25th and 30th of (April, July, October and January) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Fees of last quarter will be taken cash only. 3- The newly admitted children would have to pay the first quarter fees in cash.
4- The late fee is Rs. 100/- if fee deposited on 30th and Rs. 200/- will be charged in case fee is paid after one month.
5- If fee of the quarter is not deposited in the months of April, July, October and January, the name of the child will be struck off the roll.
6- If child has attended school even for a day in any month, fee will be charged appropriately.
7- Fee card should be presented at the time of fee deposit for entries in the card.
8- Cheques should be in favour of “AVADH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL” payable at Ayodhya.
9- Cheques from out station and non clearing house member banks will not be acceptable.
10- Each cheque should have name, class and section of the child written on the back side of the cheque.
11- If the cheque is dishonoured a fine of Rs. 300/- will be charged.
12- Parent(s) desirous to pay the fees of the session at a time can do it by cash, cheque or demand draft.
13- Re-admission is on the discretion of the Principal after the name has been struck off due to non-payment of the fee.
14- Re-admission fee is Rs. 2500/-
15- All dues of the session must be cleared in the month of January.

Examination And Promotion Rules

The school strictly adheres to examination bye-laws of CBSE.

Leave, Medical, Withdrawal And Dismissal

The school is affiliated to CBSE therefore leave, medical and withdrawal procedure will be as per CBSE rules viz.
A. Leave will be granted if the student gets prior approval from the principal.
B. Medical leave should be duly supported by medical certificate provided by the M.B.B.S. Doctor only.
C. For appearing in any examination minimum attendance must be 75% of working days.
D. If a parent is desirous to remove his/her ward from the school then-
a) A proper application is to be submitted to the Principal of the school.
b) A clearance certificate is to be produced.
c) T.C. will be issued only if above conditions are fulfilled.
E. The school authorities have discretion for dismissal on the following grounds-
a) The student is undisciplined, using abusive language and has unruly behaviour both inside school campus and outside also.
b) The student is in possession of malicious material.
c) Advocates or preaches sectarian views.

Games And Sports

The school provides each class a period for games and sports every day. The students are encouraged to participate in more than one game. Each sport has well qualified coach. The games Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Volley ball, Table Tennis, Chess etc are to name a few.

Hobbies And Club Activities

The school provides one period every day which encourages every student to pursue his or her hobbies. The teacher have to play the role of facilitator. This is free of charge.

Security And Safety

There is 24X7 surveillance of school campus and students using CCTV. The school buses are GPS enabled and fitted with latest tracking devices.

Remedial Classes:

The school has full faith in multiple intelligence of each child. However due to linear Psychometric evaluation of our education system, we do provide remedial classes after school hours free of charge.

Workshop And Teacher Education

We firmly believe in the development of teachers in terms of knowledge, teaching and learning, Academic excursions and exchange programme. We organize regular workshops in association with centre of excellence of CBSE and send the teachers for various courses conducted by educational institutes.